Our People Define Our Culture


Our people are our strongest asset. We select people with integrity, passion and the ambition to make a difference. Passionate people are what make Talem+Plum an extraordinary place to work. Our clients consistently say that collaboration with our talented teams is a primary reason they choose Talem+Plum.


The type of people that generally excel in our company are hard working, motivated, entrepreneurial minded individuals that have the ability to think outside the box and do not need to be micromanaged. These individuals tend to have be sports minded, thinking about the success of themselves and the team from a business perspective, and a win-win-win between themselves, the customer, and the client from a sales perspective. If you feel you possess these attributes, you may be a great fit for our team!


Our obligation to our client is to teach the next future manager how to deal directly with their customers, teach them how to effectively train, manage, and ultimately oversee all business operations through our management training program.

This begins with right mentality.

We are looking for someone that has the people skills, drive, student mentality, and dedication to be able to learn the skills necessary to complete our program quickly and efficiently and handle our current and future sales and marketing campaigns.

We are confident in our ability to train someone to do the rest. Growth at Talem+Plum is driven by performance, not by tenure. This means there’s no fixed career path or length of time required to stay at a particular level. Instead, we believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performers.

  • We believe that what distinguishes our company from others is our work environment and opportunity for advancement.
  • Every manager in our organization has started in an entry level position and has done every job in our company, including administrative responsibilities.
  • We feel that in order to lead, you need to be able to lead by example.•  In order to empathize, you need to have walked in one’s shoes.  We are interested in training someone for management roles, in which they will work directly with our clients, managing a market for them.
  • Our clients recognize the benefits and effectiveness of this business model, which is why they are asking us to continue to grow internally.
  • We are intelligent, honest and passionate about making a difference in all of our endeavors. Results are our mission—it defines who we are. Each and every one of us strive to make a personal impact.
  • We are down-to-earth, friendly, humble, and approachable; it’s a differentiator for us and a core strength of our teams.
  • Our people define our culture. We value individuals, creativity and diversity. We have found that the best solution to a complex problem often comes from a different perspective or point of view. At Talem+Plum, diversity is celebrated.
  • Most importantly: We enjoy what we do and have fun. We like working with each other. We are not afraid of hard work, but we recognize that our work is only one part of a fulfilling life.


Account Representative:

The account representative position entails learning our client’s business, as well as our system and approach. All of our account representatives are cross trained in our management training program where they are taught the skills necessary to oversee and manage a campaign for our client.


Chief Executive:

All executives within the company have started from an account representative position and progressed based on merit through the management training program. They oversee all operations and functions of the business to ensure that the goals of the clients are met. They also work directly with the account representatives to develop their skills and help each individual within the company reach their maximum potential.


Our recruiting team is responsible for finding the best and brightest candidates who will be the future of our organization. They are the director of first impressions and the overseers of office policy. They also work as part of the executive team to accomplish the goals of the company.


Brand Management:

Our Brand Manager does all things creative from video, design, web creation and presence. They maintain all media platforms and keep the business ahead of the curve in all areas of internal marketing and brand promotion.


Human Resources:

Our human resource team are responsible for the organization and back end of the business. They oversee daily operations, support the team, prepare meeting and travel, and generally keep the boat afloat.